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There are few affordable existing solutions for mounting lights and other accessories such as GoPro cameras to Canyon integrated handlebars such as the CP07. I made this small mount in Fusion 360 that mounts to the two threaded holes underneath the handlebars (M4, 4cm apart). In the photo carousel, I've demonstrated mounting a GoPro directly to the mount (with the GoPro included thumb screw), as well as a NiteRider Lumina 650 light which was paired with a NiteRider to GoPro adapter I found on Amazon.

I made two versions of this design which can be downloaded. One is the "nested" version, that is designed to fit perfectly in the Canyon OEM Wahoo or Garmin mounts (as it nests within the countersunk bolt holes). This is the mount depicted in the photo carousel above, with the last image depicting how it nests into the OEM computer mount. The other is the "non-nested" version, which mounts directly to the handlebars without a computer mount in the way. 

I have only tested this design on the Canyon Grail, so I am unsure how well it will fit on other Canyon integrated cockpits. Consider measuring the distance between your integrated bolt holes. If they are M4 and 4cm apart, then this mount should work for you. The designs are available in .stl (for 3D printing) and .f3d (for further tinkering in Fusion 360) and I am offering them for free. I'm a student and was using this as an exercise to practice 3D design, so I would truly appreciate a tip if you found these files to be helpful. My Venmo is @sammylevin10. Feel free to email me if you have questions about the design.

NON-NESTED MOUNT - Directly mounts to integrated bolt holes

NESTED MOUNT - Pairs with Canyon OEM Wahoo/Garmin mount

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