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The Project

What is the Metro ARchive?

The Metro ARchive is a project developed by Sammy Levin and McCoy Zhu under the mentorship of the New York Times Research and Development Team for the NYC Media Lab Spatial Computing Challenge. It is an immersive AR experience that enables users to view historic New York City streets as they were a century ago. The app is currently a functional prototype, but we are on the lookout for opportunities to expand it into a more accessible experience.

Read about it in the press

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How does it work? (demo video - 2 min)

What's the story behind the product? (keynote - 7 min)


Try it out at home

As long as you have an iOS mobile device, you can try it out firsthand! Visit the testing page to get started.

Want to see the inner workings?

Our project is open source, and is available on GitHub.

We'd love to get in touch!

If you have questions about the project, would like to submit feedback, or have a press inquiry, we'd be happy to hear your responses.

Submission received!

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