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  • Sammy Levin

Digital Media Sketchbook #4

What I did: While working on my 10 image series project, I was shooting in the Dumbo area in order to get vast open spaces to photograph. In between taking photos for this series, I noticed a series of picturesque urban landscapes that I took photos of for fun.

What worked: The harsh lighting conditions contributed to very high contrast photographs. The stark difference between light and dark creates a greater sense of mystery, obscuring some portions of the bridge.

What didn't work: I didn't spend all too much time thinking of unique compositions for these photos, resulting in somewhat cliche images. Because the Manhattan Bridge is such a popular subject for photography, it becomes challenging to imagine it in new contexts.

General thoughts: These are casual snapshots which turned out pretty alright because of the dramatic lighting conditions. For the future, I would like to spend more time when taking street photography to think about focal length and balancing exposure, in case I want to make adjustments in post production afterward.

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