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  • Sammy Levin

Digital Media Sketchbook #8

What I did: On one of my walks recently, I discovered an abandoned greenhouse not too far from my house, which I figured could make for some pretty interesting imagery. Being in populated urban or suburban spaces, we aren't too used to the idea of seeing spaces in decay. I tried to capture both the building as a whole and smaller details to portray the beauty of this decay.

What worked: Choosing this setting was definitely conducive to intriguing results. I'm satisfied with my use of post to obscure shadows and add vignettes which highlights the aging and mysterious qualities of the structure. Additionally, I got a wide mix of closeup interior shots and wider exterior shots.

What didn't work: I think I could've experimented more with composition and space. Looking through these five photos, the viewer has a firm understanding of the size of the structure and its general layout. Perhaps in the future, I could think about obscuring certain details to make the space feel larger than it is which would create more whimsy overall. Additionally, shooting with a wider aperture could help with this obstruction of background information from the viewer.

General thoughts: It was pretty exciting to have a reason to explore this old structure and I enjoyed taking photos of it overall. Since coming back home, I've thought less about the technical aspects of photography and used it more as a medium for exploration. In this case, that definitely helped me appreciate the local environment and could inspire my future photo or film project locations.

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