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  • Sammy Levin

Digital Media Sketchbook #10

What I did: Harkening back to some of the photography exercises we tried out at the beginning of the year, I tried abstractly representing a household object - in this case, a piano. My intent was to take closeup images of different parts of the instrument to make it hard to tell what it is that's being photographed. Without context, each of these images portrays a vastly different scale and is almost sci-fi in nature.

What worked: I'm pretty happy with some of the compositions I achieved. I had to push my camera into corners of the piano body and compromise to reach minimum focusing distance, but I feel like I got a diverse range of images from this single object. I also think I successfully achieved my goal of making the images enigmatic without context.

What didn't work: I was limited in how close I could approach the subject due to my lens' minimum focusing distance. Perhaps retrying this exercise while using a macro lens would enable me to achieve a more intriguing set of results. Additionally, the last shot isn't nearly as visually compelling as the previous four due to its lack of color and forms.

General thoughts: If I were to retry this mini shoot, I would also experiment with angles like outside and around the piano to capture some of the curvature and geometry of the frame. There's quite a bit of artistry that goes into the construction of the housing itself, so perhaps I could try capturing that as well. Other than that, this was a welcomed source of entertainment and photography practice while stuck indoors.

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