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  • Sammy Levin

Digital Media Sketchbook #7

What I did: This was my first post in quarantine, so the setting has changed quite vastly compared to my previous posts. During walks or bike rides over the week I stopped every now and then when I came across interesting scenes to take photos. Being my usual self, I love capturing minimalism and simple geometry in nature (or between nature and man).

What worked: I was pleasantly surprised with the kind of images I could capture within close range of my house. Particularly, the reflection on the overpass and the perched house stood out to me. The former has some great contrast between light and dark, and there's a certain piercing geometry of the overpass that conflicts with the nature below it. The perched house to me just felt like its own little micro world. Seeing a set like that reminds me of Wes Anderson's set design (particularly Moonrise Kingdom) and I can think of stories in my head of what kind of people might live on that little isolated suburban house.

What didn't work: I prefer not to carry too much when I bike, so I just used my phone for these photos. The results were pretty decent but I didn't have the same degree of control that I would have using my mirrorless camera. Namely, I couldn't decrease the aperture size to turn bright lights into "sunstars" and the framing was restricted by the prime lens of the phone. I couldn't zoom in or out to recompose without sacrificing resolution.

General thoughts: This time around, I took these images more for fun than for any particular reason. I think doing so helped me enjoy it a lot more and some of the results turned out pretty decently. I'd love to revisit some of these sites with a camera and rethink how I would compose and capture these images.

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