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  • Sammy Levin

Digital Media Sketchbook #5

What I did: This week I just took some casual street photography wherever I happened to be on the weekend. Not putting too serious of a focus on capturing a particular series, I adjusted my style based on each environment

What worked: I'm most satisfied with the first two shots, where I used a slow shutter speed to capture motion blur and add dynamic motion to an image, as well as a still photograph to capture the spider in its natural context.

What didn't work: While on the high line, I grew quite fascinated with one particular building, which makes up photos 3, 4, and 5. I wanted to capture the curvature and repetition in the building in as rhythmic of a way as possible (wanting it to look more like a pattern than a building), but I struggled within finding unique angles to use when shooting it from the high line.

General thoughts: I liked having the opportunity to experiment a bit with these photos in terms of composition and camera settings. For the future, perhaps I can try more sustained experimentation by taking multiple photos using the same effect like motion blur for example.

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