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  • Sammy Levin

Digital Media Sketchbook #6

What I did: This week I put a focus on architecture, using my iPhone to shoot occasionally through the weekend. I ended up having one interior photo I was happy with and the rest showing building exteriors.

What worked: I'm quite satisfied with my interior shot of the Met Museum because of the way that the elements are composed to show that the roof "completes" the missing part of the face. Additionally, the minimalist shot of the shaded building and a single bird is quite visually pleasing because of its symmetry and visual purity.

What didn't work: The shot of the turquoise cranes is kind of awkwardly composed with some elements obscuring others in a way that doesn't add to the composition of the image. Additionally, shooting from a bottom up perspective of tall buildings can yield nice results sometimes, but it's a cliche habit that I'd like to try to get out of.

General thoughts: I enjoyed having the opportunity to shoot casually now and then of things I encountered during the weekend. There were definitely images within these few that I was happy with composition wise. For future architecture shots, I might bring my camera back out and use settings to carefully achieve certain effects on the image.

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