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Photographer Bios

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Ben Thomas is an Australian filmmaker and photographer who captures “hyper realistic” images of his surroundings. Ben uses photography to alter the relationship that viewers have with their environment through creating surreal, pastel worlds with his photos. His iconic style has inspired many photographers in today’s world.

Roy DeCarava is a New York City photographer born in Harlem in 1919. Having lived through the Harlem Renaissance, DeCarava became fascinated with black legacy in the US. One of his primary focuses was photographing Jazz musicians at work in the recording studio. His incredibly vivid, candid photographs capture fragments of a musician’s experience.

Giles Price is a British photographer who examines environments and how humans have impacted them. This includes social movements, environmental degradation, and great endeavors. His most recent series was shot in the aftermath of Fukushima, where he photographed residents with a thermal camera to show their isolation in an empty environment.

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